To 5 Rivers Adventure!!

Come on back and join us in 2013.

We would love to see you, your friends and family back for the 2013 season.
For our returning guests we have a special offer that we are excited to tell you about.

In 2013 all of our returning guests will receive $5.00 off for each person in your party when you book a trip.

The more, the merrier! So bring your friends and family and beat the heat with a day on the beautiful Pigeon River, in Hartford, Tn.


5 Rivers Adventures Now Offers

Caving too!

Walk into a subterranean world and explore the very bowels of the Appalachian Mountains near Johnson City in eastern Tennessee.

Our cave is the largest in all of east Tennessee and has been privately owned since the Civil War. Learn about the constant temperatures and the fragile environment that forms the Stalactites, Flow Stone, Rim Stone Pools, Stalagmites and the life of the cave. It is truly an incredible experience, that compares with the best caving experiences in the world today.