Rainbow Waffle...One is not Enough

Our Company Sells the Best Gourmet Rainbow Waffles

Our mission is to provide our customers with a taste that they will never forget and want to taste again. We want the customers to feel satisfied with the price that they paid for the product. When they aren’t satisfied, we will take any suggestions or complaints to make our waffles better for the time remaining and try to improve. In order to maintain satisfaction, we will make every single waffle and put every component of the waffle with care. We will do all we can to make sure that we provide great customer service and ensure that everyone is pleased with the quality of our product. Rainbowlicious is determined to be successful and light up everyone’s sight; as if they just saw a rainbow bloom out in the sky. For consumers to get that feeling they get after they’ve had a very bad day, and they suddenly hear good news.

Come to Our Booth!

Visit our booth on Trade Show, which is held on May 9th at Allan A. Martin Senior Public School

Print or Present This Flyer via Smartphone at our Booth to Recieve 1 Free Topping!