Badminton Assignment

By : Hannah Erdmann

History of Badminton

The game of Badminton was discovered nearly 2,000 years ago by Ancient Greece, China, and India. In 1981, Badminton was in the the world cup for the first time. Even though badminton can and is played as a professional sport, people in the olden days would play it just in their backyard, or on the beach.


In badminton, when the score is even, like 2 and 4 for example, you would serve from the right side of the court, and if it is odd, like 1 and 3, you would serve on the left. Once one of the teammates gets 11 points, they get an Interval, or a break for 60 seconds. Between games, the teams get a two minute interval. The order of who you serve to depends on if the score is even or odd.


The game badminton is played until one of the players or teams gets 21 points. Each match is 3 games long, and the person/team with the most amount of wins, wins. Every time one of the players serve, someone scores, if it is the person who served, or the opponent. When the score is 20, the person who gets the next points wins the games, and it is the same for when the score is 29. When the score is 29, the person who gets the 30th score wins the game.

Serving Errors and Faults

A fault is for example when you hit the shuttlecock out of the court. When this happens, the other team gains a point. In badminton, you may not delay the game. Delaying is when you take a long time to serve, so that the other person playing you looses concentration, and then looses points. When you are serving, you also can't stop mid swing. Meaning that you can't swing halfway, stop, and then continue swinging.


A let is when the ref or the player doesn't know who is right. For example, if the ball goes out, and the player thinks it is in, and no else knows what happened, that is a let. Lets do not effect the score of the game, and doesn't change how the game is played. A let is also called when the shuttlecock explodes, or disintegrates. This does happen usually in the professional leagues.

Different kind of hits, and other information

There are different kind of shots. For example there is Clear shot, drive shot, drop shot and the smash shot. The Clear shot is when you hit the shuttlecock in the middle of the racket, and lands in the back court of the opponent. The Drive shot is when the ball is hit directly over the net, and drops right on the opponent side of the court. The Drop shot is a lot like the Drive, but instead of putting a lot of force, you only use little force to get it over. And finally the Smash shot. The Smash shot is the most powerful shot in badminton. The Smash shot works the best when you hit is right to your opponent.