Frenship High School Mentor Program

Making a Difference in the Lives of Others

What is the Mentor Program?

The Mentor Program is a cooperative program between Frenship High School and Frenship elementary and middle schools. The goal of the Mentor Program is to place responsible, motivated and caring high school students with children in the lower and middle grades who are in need of extra support and a positive role model. Participating FHS students are enrolled in Family and Community Services (Mentor 1) or Counseling and Mental Health (Mentor 2) as an elective course. Students enrolled in these classes receive an elective course credit.
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How Does it Work?

Students enrolled in Family and Community Services (Mentor 1) and Counseling and Mental Health (Mentor 2) are paired with two different students from Frenship elementary and/or middle schools. The first two months of school mentors attend class at FHS and receive training that covers how to be an effective mentor. At the end of October mentor students switch to a schedule where they will attend class one day a week for training and course instruction and visit with one of their assigned mentees one to two days a week depending on the Blue/Gold schedule. Mentors provide their own transportation and drive themselves to cooperating campuses (with parent permission.) Mentors spend approximately one hour per visit with their mentees and alternate between their two assigned students each visit day.
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How Do Students Get Involved?

In order for a Frenship High student to enroll in Family and Community Services (Mentor 1) he/she must first go through an application and interview process. The application/interview process ensures that program participants are aware of and can handle the responsibilities that come with being a mentor. Applications can be picked up in the Counseling Suite at FHS at the beginning of Spring semester and instructions will be provided on how to complete the interview process. Interviews are held January- March for the following school year. Students who successfully complete a school year in Mentor 1 can enroll for Counseling and Mental Health (Mentor 2) for the following school year.
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How Do I Get a Mentor for My Elementary/Middle School Student?

Each campus chooses the participants for the Mentor Program. Parents who are interested in their child having a mentor should speak with the counselor at their child's campus. Parents fill out an application and permission form at the beginning of the school year and counselors will assign students to the program based on availability. Each campus is allotted a certain number of mentors and once those slots are filled the remaining students will be placed on a waiting list in the event that a mentor becomes available.
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What Do Mentors Do?

Mentor students act as positive role-models and help their mentees in many different areas. Mentors may assist with work in the classroom, read one-on-one with their mentee, play games, or just talk with their students. The goal is for the younger students to feel like they have someone to turn to who is on their side. Mentors are trained in the areas of leadership, communication skills and active listening skills. A mentor's job is to be a supportive, empathetic, positive force in the lives of their mentees.

Special Projects and Activities

Throughout the school year FHS mentor students may participate in special activities and projects. At Christmas many mentors choose to pool their resources and put together stockings for their students. Mentor students also create Christmas cards to send to our troops. Some of the other past activities have included visiting residents of a rehabilitation center, helping out at a local pre-school and writing cards and letters to residents of an assisted living center. The purpose of the Mentor Program is to serve others and our students find many ways throughout the year to serve our community.


If you have any questions about the FHS Mentor Program please contact Stacy Barnett by email or by phone- 806-866-4440.
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