Antebellum Reform Movement

Women rights

The seneca falls convention started the organized woman rights movements in the united states in 1848. They wanted to have more power in the society to be able to vote instead of only having to take care of their homes and their children. They wanted to be more active out side of the house like the men.

Alchohol Abuse

Many of the citizens saw that alcohol was the root of the society's problems like the abuse in the homes. They wanted to reduce the usage of alcohol and of alcohol abuse in the peoples homes. The american temperance society convinced so many americans to stop buying and using alcohol. Some states even banned the sale and usage of liquor.

Abolition of Slaves

This is the biggest and the most divisive issue of the reform had abolition. Since the south had more of the use of the slaves they where the once that where mostly affected by the reform movement. Tension grew over the issue of the slavery contributed to the civil war. They wanted to keep on with the usage of the salves but lost the war to the return of the slave usage and the slaves that survived the poor treatment were set free.