Welcome to Eisenhower!

Becomming a General!

About Eisenhower

Eisenhower is a friendly school that has very nice teachers and a good atmosphere. We always have assemblies, special events, and socials going on during and after school.

A Warm Welcoming

Welcome to Eisenhower! For all of you that are nervous about going to Eisenhower, dont be! Eisenhower is not a bad school to be at but you might be a little scared about things like changing classrooms, locker situations, fitting in, lunch, and many other things that might be on your mind. But not to fear! I'm going to help you survive your first year of middle school!

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Top six tips for surviving in Eisenhower!

Maybe I exaggerated on the whole "Trying to survive thing" because...well... Eisenhower is the nicest and friendliest school to go to. So here are some top six tips that you should keep in your mind:


  • Always remember your locker number and code
  • Always remember a change of clothes for gym (You dont want to be stuck in sweaty clothes for the rest of the day)
  • Always keep your schedual and a map of the school with you for the first couple weeks so you can know exactly where and when your classes are


  • Never become aggressive to your locker, it will only make it worse. Instead talk to your homeroom teacher to get a janitor if your locker has some... issues (I speak from expirence)
  • Never forget your binders, folders, or chromebook when going to class
  • Never skip classes! (You've been warned)

Clubs or sports

At Eisenhower, there are many sports, clubs, and activities to chose from. Here are some examples:

  • Acedemic club
  • Tech ninjas
  • Basketball skills and drills
  • Chess club
  • Fit club
  • Debate team
  • Drama club
  • Steam/ steam club
  • Photography club
  • History club
  • Art club
  • Baking club
  • Basketball (Team)
  • Baseball (Team)
  • Soccer (Team)
  • Softball (Team)
  • Wretling (Team)
  • Track and feild (Team)
  • And much much more!

(Note that these are the current clubs and sports and they might be changed by the time you get into Eisenhower)

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Special Events

A lot of the time we have assemblies, socials, or special events going on douring or after school. Usually there is a halloween social, a winter social, and a principal social. At the socials, you could be in one of the gyms playing a sport or doing an activity or you could be in the cafiteria having a dance party or enjoying a slice of pizza. We also have assemblies if there is something like band or choras performing for us. These are all things to look foward to when you go to Eisenhower.

Q and A

Here are the answers to your frequently asked questions you might be wondering about:

Q: How will I remember my schedual?

A: Overtime, you will remember it but for the first few weeks of school you might need to keep a copy of your schedual with you.

Q: What if I dont get in to any classes with my friends?

A: Its ok if you dont have any of your friends in your classes because I am sure that you will make new friends as you go. I mean, thats how I survived 6th grade.

Q: What If my locker gets really jammed (What do I do?)

A: Dont sweat it! just tell your homeroom teacher and get them to contact a janitor so they could fix the problem or your teacher will open it with a key.

Chromebook responsibilities

In sixth grade, you will most likely get a personal chromebook. But, there are some catches. Before you get your chramebook, you willhave to sign a "contract" to show that you will be responsibe with youre chrome. Here are some of the rules that come with owning a school chromebook.

  • Dont give your chrome to anyone else
  • Dont play games on your chrome during class
  • Be careful with your chrome (you only get one for all three years of middle school)
  • Dont leave your chromebook in an open locker
  • Always charge your chromebook so its good for the next day
  • Dont forget your chromebook at school
  • Dont loose your chromebook
  • And much much more that is included in the contract!

Locker help

in 6th grade, I had a lot of locker issues (And I mean a lot!) but Im sure that you wont have as much locker problems that I did so just remember these few things so if you are scared about having a locker, read the following tips for getting out of bad locker situations:

  • In the first few weeks of school you need to get used to opening your locker so keep your code with you so you dont forget it
  • Never kick, punch, shove, knee, or perform any aggressive physical contact on your locker (It is not a punching bag!) If its that jammed, just talk to your teacher or janitor and they will fix it for you.
  • Dont tell anyone your code (You have a locker for a reason)
  • Dont leave your locker open no matter how hard it is to open it and close it

What does it take to fit in at Eisenhower and what does it mean to fit in?

Fitting in means to purposely be like or similar to other kids just to be popular. At Eisenhower middle school, you are accepted no matter your style, your looks, or fashion. To fit in, just be yourself and people will accept you for who you are!

Eisenhower's Webpage

Visit the webpage for more details about clubs, activities, sports meetings, and morning announcments!