Franklin Delano Roosevelt Relection

By Alissa Olson

Reason 1

For starting AAA Agricultural Adjustment act. Which reduced agricultural production by paying farmers subsidies not to plant on part of their land and to kill off excess livestock. IT was alsoto raise revenue for extraordinary expenses incurred by reason of such emergency, to provide emergency relief with respect to agricultural indebtedness, to provide for the orderly liquidation of joint-stock land banks, and for other purposes.

Reason 2

He started creating jobs and was starting to get the economy out of debt. He created the works progress administration. It was the largest and most ambitious American New Deal agency, employing millions of unemployed people (mostly unskilled men) to carry out public works projects.

Reason 3

FDR didn't want american boys going into foreign wars.Tthe American people wanted nothing to do with Europe’s war. So, according to Stinnett, Roosevelt provoked Japan to attack us, let it happen at Pearl Harbor, and thus galvanized the country to war.

Reason 4

He supports Isolation. He found it right for america to stay out of foreign affairs with other countries til they found it fit to get involved
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