Wax to Crayons



Do you ever wonder how crayons are made? Well if the answer is yes you are in for a treat. Read this to learn how crayons are made. I hope you like it .


Wax is made from paraffin and other ingredients. Then the workers color it.It drys,then it is smoothed.


Then workers put coloring in to a big mixer with the wax. After the wax is mixed they put it into a crayon mold. Once the crayons are molded,a machine wraps the crayons to tell what color they are.


Crayola ships about a billion box's to stores a month. They sell them to Target ,Wallmart ,art stores E.C.T.

Fun Facts

Crayola wraps their crayon 2 times. Crayola makes 850 crayon per minute. Crayola also makes 13.5 million crayons per day and 3 billion crayons per year that means 3 billion crayons would be able to go around the world 6 times.


I hope you like my article.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
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