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sunrises and sand full of memories

1984 Poems


Big Brother sees you

Give in or hide from the Gov’t

Tuck away the book



Everything red

Red sashes

Red posters

Looking down from every angle

Nowhere to hide

Nowhere to go

Big Brother is watching you


Are We Heading Towards A Dystopian Society? -Blog Post/Bingo activity

Hannah Fralick

Sibold 6th period

9 Lit H

1 February 2016

Are We Heading Towards A Dystopian Society?

While I don’t think our society will ever reach a full dystopia, I believe there are several possibilities to what could happen if we somehow did.

America is based on freedom and it’s such a deep rooted belief that I don’t think it would ever be able to be torn away from the people. However, in the case of another world war or there was attack on home soil, the government could take advantage and impose more rules. America could end up turning into a war society with an overpowering regime. War, after all, is the easiest time to take control since everybody is fearful and eager to be safe. Such measures have been stretched such as the Patriot Act after 9/11.

With rising technology and how far it has already come in the past 20 years, imagine how much more we will have in the next 20 years, or even 200. As long as there are no major disasters that wipe out civilization and no sun flares large enough to knock out all electronics, humanity will have entered a new age if technology. Our society could be controlled by a simple chip implanted in their heads that make us mindless drones to serve the upper class elites. Or artificial intelligence will have taken us over and control us in a totalitarian government because they will not have been raised on the same ideals and beliefs of freedom as the rest of society.

There are so many different ways our futures could go and it is almost impossible to predict exactly what will happen. At some point or other any part of the world could morph into a dystopian society and at some point or another it will be set right again because nothing holds forever.

303 words

New Character in 1984

Hannah Fralick

Sibold 6th period

9 lit H

5 February, 2016

New Character in 1984

Everything was so damn white. The hallways, the floor, even the plastic chairs. It didn’t fit with the dark undertones that crept behind the walls. Nor the dark past that lingered behind some party members. The scraping of chairs bounced off the walls as the tension in the air grew painfully. Dark green eyes surveyed the room, skimming over the blue overalls till they rested on the screen. It was important to not show any abnormal emotion. Weeks of going through this cycle everyday taught the green eyed woman that. Not even a breath out of place could be trusted to betray her. A horrible screeching sound ripped through the white walls and exposed the churning fire beneath. The change in the room was immediate as pictures began flashing across the screen and she let an angry scream loose. This was her only escape. The only time she could relieve the emotions boiling inside her without being caught. While soldiers marched across the screen all she could see was her brother dragged away. While the party members saw Emmueal, she could only see red. While everyone followed fabricated emotions, real anger boiled through her. She faintly registered a fellow member throwing a dictionary at the screen. It was animalistic chaos. It was beautiful. It needed to end. The movements were unconscious, controlled by the rage that had been festering since her twin was vaporized. Because of him. Her hand loosed around the vase and it shattered over O’Brian’s head. The final look on his face filled her, replacing some of the rage with satisfaction. A chanting built up around her and she tilted her head towards the ceiling where red was staining the white ceiling, a laugh bubbling up as the members continued their tyrannical parade. She was still laughing as black bled into white, dragging her from the corpse. After a lifetime of masking her emotions she let them go. Everything she hid she let loose in those final two minutes of hate. Pitying those who would never have true satisfaction of what hate really was before the black overalls took her to a blissful white room to give her a new life.

--Alice is in her late twenties. When she was younger her brother was ‘vaporized’ and although many family relations were broken, the one with her twin was strong. Anger at the government carried her through adulthood and kept her from falling under the illusions the government placed. O’Brian lived down the hallway from her childhood apartment and was the one that turned her brother in, in the first place. During one period of the two minutes of hate she snaps and kills him and the party members barely notice as they are engrossed in their own hate that’s led by the government. Winston is the only known person to see what happened and it fuels him into rebelling more. He realizes O’Brian couldn’t have been in the brotherhood and he doesn’t trust others near as much, not even Julia. He continues his life in solitude apart from seeking company from proles until he is eventually caught as his acts of rebellion pile up.

(2 pages in word, double spaced)

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