By : Simone Smith

Target history

Target is what many people don't know is a family rund business. Not only that but target was the second store that the Dayton company owned. The first target that was opened May 1 , 1962 in Minnesota was a tall building that is supposed to be the twin sister of Good Fellows, first Dayton owned store by the Dayton company. Later on the store got passed on too 4 brothers and there cousin. Soon after that they decided that they can't share the one store so they started to build new stores. In the beginning it was going good until the stores were over ordering things and things weren't getting bought from stores things like shovels for snow would end up in Texas not needed . Then the targets did not the same key feacher some of the stores got professional carpenters to install decorations . That is when the Dayton company got together and decided a logo and how the store would be different and be recognized as a target. At one point the logo was going to be a bulls eye with four rings but they decided to do three because they thought that four rings was inappropriate. After all that target survived to be the target we know and love today.

Target history

Target is what many people don't know that was a family business .

The time progretion of target

Impact on sisioty

I think that target impacts my comunity by all the everyday needed suplys. The target i live near is where you can buy any thing from food to cloths and tools. This store has a impact on our sosity through the convinunce, its popular and is a store that every one can shope at. The best selling item in my opinon is the clothing at the store becuse that is the most avritized . I also think tha Target uses the family appeal and the bandwagon apeal becuse of the cm,arsal that they show.

Spicific people

The owner who got the buissness started in the family is Duglas Dayton. Douglas was the yungest of five brothers. Target the buissnes he started has een in the family for a outstandingly shocking 80 years. unfochinetly he dide fighting agginst cancer on the date of July 5,2013 and he lived to be a amazing 88 years old.