Divergent - Fate or Freewill


"I stand still and wait"(476).
This quote is significant because Tris is waiting for a gunshot that will kill her. She has a gun pressed to her head by the one person she loves. Tris is waiting for him to break free of the mind control or finally pull the trigger. She leaves it all up to fate. And in the end it does not fail her.
"'You are correct to say that you are strong-willed. I cannot control your will. But there are a few things a I can control'"(431).
Freewill is about being able to make your own decisions. That you will not do what others tell you to do. Since Tris is divergent she has her freewill and is not able to be brainwashed.
"It;s my choice now, no matter what the test says"(23).
When taking the aptitude test that is supposed to be able to tell Tris what faction to go into, She finds out she is divergent. This means her test results were in conclusive. She gets to choose the faction she will go into. But will she make the right choice. If she makes the wrong one she could become factionless.


Rush- Freewill


This song is all about freewill. About making choices for yourself. Not letting others make them for you.

More information

In the beginning of Divergent the book is all about how someone is going to tell you exactly where you are going to be put. But then when Tris turns out divergent she gets to decide her future. In the middle of the book it is all about fate. Since she decided to join a different faction then the one she was born in, she brought herself to the love of her life. And this was fate. In the end of the book its all about freewill. When everyone else is brainwashed, Tris is not because she is divergent. This changes because Tris realizes that she is divergent.
The cause of my theme is the fact that Tris is divergent, because of this she has all these choices that others do not. She has the freewill that other do not.
Well the time period we are in now is all about technology and how advanced it is becoming. In this novel it uses lots of technology and in today's world we love our technology.