By: James McGuire

Leadership and Knowledge

Leaders must know their jobs. They know how to use any equipment needed on the job and have the ability to train others. People can spot people who fake knowledge. If you don't know something, admit it, then find out. Good leaders also know the people under them. They know who is excelling and who needs to be supervised. Knowledge is the key to success in being a good leader. If a leader doesn't know their job, how to do their job, or what the people are like their leading, success isn't going to be available. Knowledge is what separates good leaders from great leaders.

Leader of Knowledge

Bill Belichick is a great example of a knowledgeable leader. He is arguably the best coach to ever coach the game of football. He doesn't have the enthusiasm such as some coaches have, and surely not the outgoing attitude. But, he makes it up with his outstanding knowledge of the game. He knows more about the game and the players than anyone else. He is a play making, player picking, strategical mastermind. He has demonstrated this through his roughest and best teams. He's made stars out of countless people. Welker is a great example. He told Welker what he needed to do and Welker did it. Knowledge is everything. Belichick won multiple championships.


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