Influence of Food

By: Beau Windebank

Physical Needs

For physical needs, what type of foods you eat can change your physical appearance very fast. What you DON'T want to eat all the time is candy, or foods with a lot of fat. Those are just a couple of examples. To foods you DO want to eat are the healthy kind. If you are trying to improve your strength, steak would be good, or stuff with protein. Green foods are always good for you, like vegetables or fruits.

Psychological Needs

If you are in a good, or bad mood, that can affect the types of food. Some girls will eat candy, or fattening delicious foods when they are stressed. Also, you may choose to eat healthy foods if you think your body is too big. On the other hand, some people choose to eat to make their body bigger for sports or something along that, so they might eat fattening foods or a lot of foods with protein. What you are thinking and feeling can decide what kind of foods you eat.

Personal Food Preferences

Obviously, what you think tastes good,smells good or color can change what you eat. If something tastes bad to you, you obviously wont want to eat it, so you might purposely not eat that food. If something has a bad smell, you also might not eat it. Same thing with color, if the color makes the food look bad, you may not eat it. On the other hand, those 3 things can also make you WANT to eat it. It may taste good, smell good, or the color is appealing.

Food Availability

The time of month can affect what food are in stores, which can mean that you can't eat what you want. If the food is not in season, it wont be in the store. When it is in food, you can eat it. If the food isn't in season, that will limit you and you can't have any.

Social Settings

What time of the day it is can affect what you eat. Usually, you won't be eating steak or spaghetti. Where you are can affect that either. If you are at the movies, you probably with get popcorn or candy. Where you are can also affect what type of food you eat.

Society and Culture

Your culture can affect what you eat. Some religions have some foods they don't eat, or some meals made specially. One example is fasting. They choose not to eat something. Another thing is holidays. One example is at Christmas, some people will eat turkey, ham, green beans, ect. Another holiday may be a birthday. Some people will eat cake on their birthday, or maybe pizza.