ELC Newsletter

December 12, 2014

Arts for Kids Christmas Program

The program on Monday was filled with songs and laughter. From the Toddler's and Two's first time up on the stage, singing " We Wish You a Merry Christmas" to the Finale " Let it Go," it was wonderful. Santa made an appearance and with treats afterward, all had a great time. Congratulations and thanks to Jolene Andersen and all her staff on a great experience for the families.

Celebracion de las Posadas

On Wednesday, December 10th, 2014, at 4:00 PM, we held this traditional holiday celebration for our ELL families. Children and their families gathered and made poinsettia bags, then played some games. After we all ate, we had some traditional singing in Spanish, followed by breaking of the pinata. It was a great success! Thank you to Aracelli, Damaris Milfred, Kate Warncke, and Melanie Cowling for helping with this fiesta. We had over 70 children and their families, and we continued to learn about how holidays are celebrated in other cultures. Feliz Navidad!

CAFE Intervention Training

Gail Hock represented ELC at the trainings put on over at FLC with the reading team. Mrs. Pagel, from CESA, held a series of classroom demonstrations with students in First and Second grade, for teachers to watch. She demonstrated the strategies from CAFE, emphasizing summarizing and synthesizing. Thanks to the reading team for setting this up and to Gail for attending.

Another shout out goes to Angeline Heiberger. She shared a document of Apps. for Parents to use with all the staff. Having that outreach and additional practice on some of the skills we work on at school has been proven to help move students along even further on their learning journey. Thanks Angeline!

Early Release

A reminder to all staff that for Early Release, we will go to FLC and join their staff to listen to Dr. Matthew Doll. Matt is a psychiatrist from Doll& Associates, and will discuss strategies to help us deal with some of the mental health issues we are seeing in our young students. He will have time for questions and answers as well, so come with questions!

Upcoming Events:

12/22: STAR Book Day;

ELC Luncheon

Polar Express Day at ELC, wear PJs

12/23: Last day of school in 2014

12/24-1/4/15 Winter Break

1/5: Return to school

Curriculum Steering Committee

1/6: ELC Staff meeting at 7:45 AM

1/8: 4K Staff Meeting at 7:00 AM

ELL District Wide meeting at 8:30 AM

1/9: January Early Release

My Out of Building Times

12/15: 7:15 PST at FLC

12/16: 8:30 meeting with HMHS; 9:00 Admin; PM at UW- Oshkosh: Advisory Council for Curriculum and Assessment

12/17: 9:00 HMHS BCT; 1:00 IEP in DMR

12/19: FLC Spec. Ed. Dept. meeting at 7:45; Back to ELC; PM at CESA 6 for RSN