5th grade Band Notes

January 11th, 2016

Reflecting at the half-way point of the year

Happy 2016 everybody! We are about halfway through the school year which is a great time for reflection. I am extremely proud of this 5th grade group for so many reasons. Their effort, their enthusiasm, their success- but I am most proud of their perseverance. Learning how to play an instrument is like learning how to read and speak an entirely new language and it is not always easy. These students have had great work ethic and great patience and have gotten to the point now where they are starting to play some really great music. The first concert was fantastic and was a night that I will always look back on with tons of pride.

Recruitment and Retention are the two big “R’s” in the instrumental music education world. To put it quite plainly, our recruitment was awesome. There are 95 students in 5th grade and we signed up 79 of them for band- that is spectacular. Now, our focus turns to retention. Retention (keeping the students once we have them) is an ongoing, high priority for myself, Ms. Kiener-Barnett, and Mr. Gumina. Our bands simply sound better with more students. I am so happy to share that every single kid that signed up for band in September is still in band today- and that is definitely something to celebrate! I would love to type the exact same sentence in my end of the year e-mail. Keep encouraging your kids at home!

Our Next Performance

Looking forward, our next performance will be on Tuesday, March 22nd at the District Band Festival. Many of you have attended this event in the past and it is definitely one of the highlights of the school year for our band program. Our 5th grade band will perform along with the junior high and senior high bands. Please mark your calendars for this exciting event.

No After-School Band January 26th

Due to the 5th Grade Science Fair that evening, there will be no after-school band practice on Tuesday, January 26th. Students should take their normal route of transportation home from school that day.

Chocolate Bunny Fundraiser- volunteer needed

Those of you who have had band students in the past know about our annual chocolate bunny fundraiser. This year's fundraiser will start February 9th and we will again be selling delicious World's Finest chocolate bunnies. We are looking for a parent volunteer to chair the fundraiser- you would mainly just have to count and tabulate the orders and then help pass out the bunnies when they are delivered. All in all, it will only be a couple hours of your time and we would really appreciate it. Let me know if you would be willing to help us out.