February NCAE Meeting Minutes

Feb. 9, 2016

Minutes from our meeting

NCAE Meeting Notes – February 9, 2016

· Standard 6 – will be voted on next month – no one on state board is for it…so it will go away. But what does that mean? The idea is that it will be worked in the other standards (which is directly stated in an email Belinda received from Dr. June Atkinson. It will not be something that could send you straight to an action plan. There will not be a big emphasis to keep NC final exams as they are locally funded. Not getting any data that can actually be used from testing.

Will still turn in ASW and have end of course testing, but no standard – not sure what will happen there.

· State insurance plan – State legislature would love to end all of our insurance, but will move to cancel 80/20 – enough phone calls so they did pull 80/20 until next year’s consideration – after election day

Directed to find 200 million in savings….easiest way to do that is drop 80/20 or raise premiums is you stay on 80/20. Employees will pay higher premium; new hires may not have health care after retiring- that was on the docket this year, but was pulled. We have asked the superintendent to have a benefits package that includes a gap plan-- CCS is going through the process and we may have a new vendor next year.

Family coverage should be left alone and spousal insurance should NOT be an issue—that would be a HUGE mistake to include and would surely make enough people mad to take action.

· Snow day – come in when it’s safe….hopefully no issues there, but a policy works against us... and by the way, have you seen the forecast? Member Tommy Hunt was so wrong about winter being done!! BMS: he jinx us!!!

· Budget and upcoming session: June Atkinson – proposed 10% pay increase for statewide for teacher – HR/ Speaker already shot that down, but Senate will be roadblock to public ed. funding this session, but we should see pay increase because of election year- that would be all bands! And the budget will be done a LOT faster than last year!

· Comp Time – no comp time for Salaried employees and that would include some of those schools who maybe get ‘trade’ time for PT conferences….

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