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October 9, 2022

Quote for School Year 2022-23

"What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead."

Nelson Mandela

Principal Updates

Dear Parents,

6th grade Updates:


7th grade Updates: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRnUPoSGqmBSJJBZw-0VsWUi1dYk5fh7y8ArfB27DbbdikVV5nyNcP_b08SMEu3Ed88Hyn5Xr-rWKsb/pub

8th grade Updates: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQ3H7EkcbWAV3SdPZIlryE28J90YvsTVeYKaKPix3iy7sZfpEwxpV0bVlJ9rQKKzE5f4oPpwRMmknO8/pub

MAP Assessment: Most students have completed the MAP math and reading assessments. The family report is being mailed home later in the week. We are asking for all parents to review this report as this information is the most accurate information regarding your child's math and reading achievement as of this fall. Students who score beneath the grade level benchmark will be contacted in order to put in place interventions for your child.

Student IDs: Every student was given a student ID card on picture day. These student ID's are the system we use for lunch purchase, checking in tardy or a student early dismissal. The picture ID is also a safety measure which is used for student identification. We are asking all students to have their picture ID with them each day at school. We have many students who are wearing them with a lanyard or carrying them in a wallet. Please work with your student to provide them with a means for carrying their picture ID.

SchoolCash: Below are directions on how to create your account for SchoolCash online. We often have people asking if they have paid for a yearbook, fieldtrip, etc. This program will enable to you to keep track of purchases as well as provide receipts. We will also be having clubs paid through this program as well. Please create your account today. At this time, only 30% of the TMS families have registered. This is an excellent pathway in which to pay for school payments, field trips, etc.

Second Step Updates

2nd Step Unit Updates

Unit 2, Lesson 10 Summaries


Responding to Online Bullying: In this week’s lesson, your child will use what they know about in-person bullying to compare it to cyberbullying. They’ll learn and apply different strategies for responding to cyberbullying in a safe and healthy way.

Tell your child your thoughts on how social media has changed since you were in school. Ask your child about their thoughts on the benefits and disadvantages of social media in the world today.


The Effects of Sexual Harassment: In this week’s lesson, your child will learn about the effects of sexual harassment, and how to identify support resources available at school.

Help your child brainstorm a list of trusted adults at school who can help if they, or a peer, experiences sexual harassment. Remind them to report any incidents of harassment to you as soon as they can.


Environment Factors that Contribute to Bullying: In this week’s lesson, your child will identify environmental factors (the physical space and rules of an area) that contribute to bullying and harassment, and explore how they contribute to bullying and harassment in their school.

Ask your child what environmental factors are. Share your observations about environmental factors that you’ve witnessed in the world outside of school.

6th Grade:

Unit 2 Update

Lesson 8 Summary

  • Common Types of Bullying: In this week’s lesson, your child will discuss different types of bullying, and increase their awareness that bullying can look and feel different in each situation.

  • Ask your child if they have experienced bullying or negative jokes recently. Encourage them to tell you how it made them feel and let them know you’re there to support them.

Lesson 9 Summary

  • Recognizing Bullying: This week’s lesson will help your child understand the difference between bullying and joking around, and that joking can escalate and become bullying. Helping students understand when joking becomes bullying can reduce negative impacts on others.

  • Tell your child about a time you witnessed or experienced bullying. Describe how this made you feel and ask your child what they might have felt.

7th Grade:

Unit 2 Update

Lesson 8 Summary

  • What Is Harassment?: In this week’s lesson, your child will learn how to recognize harassment and tell how it’s different from bullying.

  • Talk to your child about an example of harassment you heard about, or—if you’re comfortable—something you experienced. Ask your child how this is different from bullying.

Lesson 9 Summary

  • What is Sexual Harassment?: In this week’s lesson, your child will learn how to recognize the difference between sexual harassment and flirting so they can make informed decisions about how to respond.

  • Remind your child that it's important that they tell you if they experience sexual harassment. If you feel comfortable doing so, share an example of sexual harassment you or another person has experienced and how you or the other person dealt with it.

8th Grade:

Unit 2 Update

Lesson 8 Summary

  • Understanding Bullying: This week’s lesson will help your child examine common beliefs about bullying and harassment. They will begin to gain a perspective on how their opinions compare to those of others.

  • Ask your child what they think enables bullying and harassment. Encourage a conversation about why bullying and harassment still happens.

Lesson 9 Summary

  • Social Factors that Contribute to Bullying: In this week’s lesson, your child will consider other people’s attitudes and beliefs about bullying and harassment, as well as their own.

  • Share your thoughts and feelings around bullying and harassment with your child. Find out where you and your child agree and disagree and have a respectful discussion.

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Parents please complete the action item below- as of today only 400 plus families have completed

Students at Trailside will be using online tools to support their learning across all content areas. Please review each of the titles, including the terms of service and privacy policies, and select whether you give permission for each by completing the following Permission Click form: https://permission.click/MXaJn/us If you have more than one student enrolled at Trailside MS, please complete a form for each student.

You may access full information about Loudoun County supported software from the LCPS Application Catalog.


6th Grade Dance Important Links:

Donation and Volunteer Sign Up


*Students will not receive a physical ticket. Names will be added to a roster and students will check in at the main entrance when they arrive that night.

Option 1 (online):

  1. Purchase a ticket online. The permission slip is built into the ticket so this is the preferred method. LAST CHANCE TO PURCHASE ONLINE TICKETS IS 10/13 AT 8PM. TICKETS WILL NOT BE SOLD AT THE DOOR.

Option 2 (cash or check):

  1. Pick up a paper copy of the permission slip (hanging in an envelope outside of the 6th grade house secretary office - Ms. Luna).

  2. Bring COMPLETED permission slip with $10 (exact cash) or check made out to TMS PTA. Turn in BOTH to your Compass teacher. LAST CHANCE TO PURCHASE TICKETS WITH CASH/CHECK IS BY THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY ON 10/12.

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School Contact Information

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others.”

Nelson Mandela

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