Montagnes Et La Mer

A Proud and Bountiful Civilization

A Region Of The Pacific Northwest

A New Province, Montagnes Et La Mer is a strip of land starting from the top of British Columbia down south to Lower Oregon. Bountiful with wildlife, water, timber, and beauty, This new claimed land is prime real-estate and ready for moving-into.
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The Pacific Northwest is known for over 50 foot tall Douglas Firs, ready to be cut down and made into whatever you wish. The wood is healthy, flexible, and great for building. Keep Montagnes Et La Mer beautiful by regrowing the trees, however.
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While of course this region boasts over 1000 miles of the Pacific Ocean, There are also plenty of freshwater lakes and hundreds of streams. Montagnes Et La Mir also boasts an average annual rainfall of 150-250 inches.
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Food, Vegetation, and Wildlife

As with the Douglas Firs, Montagnes Et La Mer also boasts plentiful wildlife and vegetation for food and clothing. If deer meat's a favorite of yours, our land will be too! Indulge in our juicy blackberries and our other food, and realize this is your home!
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Social Structure

In Montagnes Et La Mer, we follow the same class system as the U.S., with some key differences. Upper class pays an entire 40 percent of their income on government taxes, middle spends 15 percent, an lower spends 3.


In Montagnes Et Le Mer, everyone has religous freedom, but most people follow Buddhism or are atheists.
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And Last, But Not Least...

Montagnes Et La Mer boasts multiple activities and beautiful sites. These include but are not limited to skiing at Whistler Blackcomb and Mt. Hood, hiking the Cascade Range, Indulging in our wonderful culture, and eyeing beautiful waterfalls.
The Beautiful Wild Pacific Northwest (HD)