Take a Peek into Room 404

Week of October 28, 2013

Homework this week:

There will be no spelling words or test this Friday! Enjoy your Halloween on Thursday night!

Reading Menu: This week read for 10 minutes each night to earn $10... its as simple as that! Due Friday!

Reader's Workshop

This week our big lesson is on inferring. Making an inference is something you do with ease, everyday. The students may not even realize that they do it so often and that it actually has a name.

Inferring is simply taking a guess by using your schema (past knowledge) and clues or evidence. We will introduce this concept with a story about a trash bag I found in my street. We will use schema (about the neighbors and the make up of their families) and evidence (the actual trash in the bag) to infer who it belongs to.

One last important thing about inferring is that we have to understand that it is simply a guess. We may not be able to find the correct answer, but a guess gets our minds working and thinking... which is especially good when reading!

Writer's Workshop

This week we will start putting the finishing touches on our personal narrative drafts, hopefully ready to begin editing and publishing next week!

After all the benchmark testing given in the past few weeks, there are some clear areas of focus that we should work on and we will begin this week. In order to prepare ourselves to answer to a prompt, we have to know exactly what that means and how to show that we are responding to the prompt within the body of our composition. This week, we will examine a few prompts and practice reading them in order to be able to respond in the proper way.

We will also take a look at our second personal narrative rubric and decide how we can earn a 3 before we begin publishing next week.

Important Information

  • Halloween Party at 2:15 in homeroom class
  • Dress up Day-Polka Dots and Stripes!


  • Spirit Day-WEAR CAMO!! The grade level with the most camo will win the spirit stick! If you don't have a camo shirt, wear dark green or brown that day! Support 4th grade!

Next week:

  • Monday-Wear purple to support the March of Dimes
  • Monday-Chess/Scrabble at 2:30
  • Thursday-PTO meeting at noon