Up to 50% Off Vera Hair

The First Salon in Evanston

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Men's $12 (25% off)

Women's $15 (50% off)

High Brow Care $4 (50% off)

Mani/Pedi $25 (17% off)

About This Deal

Finding a haircut is kind of hard in Evanston! Luckily, Vera Hair is here to help you out for cheap. With 27 years of experience, this salon has seen the best and worst (well, more of the worst) of haircuts by other places. Vera takes the time to understand what you want; put this together with a funky theme, great attitude, and a price tag that can't be beat, and you got yourself a great deal. Don't believe me? Look at what these Yelp'ers have to say:

"I think I've finally found a keeper, and the price was just right."

"Vera was AMAZING! She takes her time and honestly gives the best hair cut/blowdry ever!"

"The owner is very nice and somewhat of a character which makes it a bit more fun to go there. Definitely will go back."

So do yourself and your wallet a favor, alright? Vera's the bomb dot-com, and you will be, too, once you give her salon a shot.

Buy the coupon here: http://www.nucouponcat.com
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