get ready for the spookiest night of your life! by isabelle

should australian kids trick or treat...BOO!

halloween is a night of scariness!, fear!, fun! and the love of candy! Its a night you will never forget a sweet but terrifying gasp of a night! Its a night of dancing skeletons howling werewolf a cacklely laugh of a witch! Its a holiday of spookiness scary costumes and stomach aches! By the end of the dark night your stomaches will be sore with halloween! MWAAHHAAHAAHAAA!!! what australian wouldnt want all this!


candy on halloween is the spookiest!, frightningest!, scariest and grossest! you have zombie gummy brains!, skeleton head lollie pops!, bat drops!, pumkin hard candy! a mixure of sweet and scariest! will rot your teeth and scaare you straight!, belly aches and and getting so scared that you will jump out of your costume!HAHAHAAAH! all australian kids deserve to celebrate this holiday