1B Monster Mania

Learning, growing, exploring...together!

For March 21-April 1

What's are we learning in 1B?

Language Arts
  • compound words
  • using transition words when writing
  • -ing and -ed suffixes
  • review silent e


  • addition and subtraction review
  • problem solving strategies


  • magnets
  • force and motion
  • how things move
  • heat and light energy

Helpful resources for counting coins

I've noticed in our morning work reviews that many students have forgotten or are still having some difficulty with recognizing coins and their value as well as counting small groups of coins. If you would like to reinforce these skills outside of school, here are a few websites that we use in class for review.

ABCya - Learning Coins
ABCya - Learn to Count Money
ABCya - Money Bingo
Peter Pig's Money Counter
Coin City

Library Days

Please remember that our library day each week is Tuesday. If your child does not have their books returned, they miss out on opportunities to check out more books. With the end of the school year fast approaching, I'd hate for kids to miss the few opportunities we have left to check out and explore new books.

Lunch and Recess Volunteers

The sign up for lunch and recess volunteers has been updated with post-spring break dates if you are interested in helping out. Remember, a background check must have been completed before you can volunteer!

1st Grade Lunch and Recess Volunteers

Looking Ahead

Friday, March 25 - No school (was bad weather make up day)

Tuesday, 3/29 and Wednesday, 3/30 - Campus closed to visitors and volunteers due to STAAR testing in 4th and 5th grades

Seussical Jr at Casa Manana!

Thursday, April 14th, 8:30am-2pm

3101 West Lancaster Avenue

Fort Worth, TX

We are so excited about our upcoming field trip! More information will be coming soon about what to expect the day of the field trip and how our chaperones will be helping.