Sebastian Christensen


airfare cost and schedule

I am headed to Cork,Ireland the airfare cost is $3725.60 for two people. The airfare schedule for the departure time 8:45 pm to 10:50 am and the returning time 11:45 am to 6:55 pm. The number of stops are two connecting flight stops total. One for each flight.


I will be staying in the International Airport Hotel. The price per night is $117 that is cheep for that area. To stay 2 weeks it cost $1638 not including extras such as shopping,gas, a exquisite rental car and food.,Ireland-c31231/2014-04-04/2014-04-18/2guests


history and culture

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

If the airline loses your clothes they will try to find your bags. It will take 21 days to find the baggage. If they can not find them the airline will have to pay the cost that was spent on the clothes.


If you want to go to Cork,Ireland those are some exquisite things that you will have to know about your destination.