The Reason Why I’m Here Today

By: Matthew Scott

Table Of Contents

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What’s In A Name - slide 4

Color Your World - slide 5

Picture this -slide 6

Sensory experiences - slide 7

Ekphrasis slide 8

Look who i look up to - slide 9

One Medium Suitcase - slide 10

These words belong to me - slide 11

The perfect present - slide 12

Personal symbol - slide 13

Who am I? - Slide 14

Always say never - slide 15

Unfinished Sentences - slide 16

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Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse - slide 19

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“The reason why i’m here today” The reason why i’m here today is because i have a chance to become a great person, like be a great football or basketball player, own a good company, be an inventor, cure diseases.That would be the reason to be on this world.

What’s In A Name

My name is Matthew Trey Scott.I got my first name by my mom because it was hers brothers name that died as a baby.Matthew means gift of the lord.I got my nickname by my dad because in high school people called him trey and he wanted me to be John Scott the 4th.I got my last name by my family.

Color Your World

If I had to pick a color it would be blue.Because for personality the color blue represents calmness. And for appearance the color blue would symbolizes intelligence.

Picture this

this picture is about Michael Jordan when him

and the Chicago Bulls beat the Portland Trail

Blazers in the NBA Finals to do their first repeat.I think of this image is that Michael

Jordan is JV coaches in high school that they

made a mistake kicking him of the JV basketball.

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Sensory Experiences

Taste-ice cream and cake you can taste.

Touch-your phone and a blanket you can touch.

Feel -a feather and a blanket you can feel.

Smell-flowers and cologne you can smell

See -fire and fireworks you can see.

Hear -music and food being cooked you can hear.


127 hours is an article that we read.It's about a guy named aron ralston who was hiking in a canyon and got his arm stuck underneath a boulder.Aron was trapped underneath the boulder for a couple of days.aron had to amputate his arm because he could not get it out.If he did not amputate his arm he would of died there.Aron found a family in the canyon and the family got help.Aron was flown to a hospital to get his arm treated.

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look who i look up to

The three people I admire are Michael Jordan,Jamaal Charles,and Derrick Rose.Michael Jordan is one of the best basketball players to ever play the sport.He went through some tough times, his father got murder.Jamaal Charles is one of the best running backs in the NFL right now.Jamaal went through some tough times to his girlfriends sister got murder by his teammate and then his teammate died,he got made fun of for being dyslexic,and he went through some tough injuries he tore his acl twice in 3 years.Derrick Rose is one of the best point guards in the NBA right now.He accomplish goals like being named MVP(most valuable player).For the past 3 years Rose has gotten injured to miss the hole season, he has torn his acl 3 times.Those are the people I admire.

One Medium Suitcase

Item 1: I would bring money.You can buy food.You can buy water and shelter.

Item 2: I would bring a phone.You can find directions.You can call people.

Item 3: I would bring cloths.It keeps you warm.It keeps you dry.

Item 4: I would bring a tent. Its shelter.You have some where to sleep.

Item 5: I would bring a flashlight.You can see in the dark.You can use it as a light.

These Words Belong To Me

Confident- I believe I can get my work done.Making friends.

Diligent- I work hard.I pay attention in school.

Easy going-I get along with other people.I make friends easily.

Team player- I work well with other people.

Reliable-I’m trustworthy. People can trust me.

Honest-I’m truthful.I don’t lie cheat or steal.

Positive-I’m never down.

Patient-I can wait.

Friendly-I’m nice to people.

Focused-I stay focused in class

The Perfect Present

The perfect gift I would want is confidence.I need confidence because when I present a project I get nervous.So if I had confidence I wouldn’t get nervous.I would need confidence to talk in front of the class.Thats why confidence would be the perfect present.

Personal Symbol

An object that has symbolic meaning to me is my Playstation 4.I play on it a lot, I make new friends, And I can play online with my friends I meet in real life on it to.I can play all of my favorite games on it.Playstation has excusive content.My Playstation 4 symbolizes me because I like to play video games.

Who am I?

I am a brother, basketball player, son, friend, and a hard worker.I am a brother because my little brother and sister look up to me.I am a basketball player because I like to play basketball.I am a son because I help my mother and father.I am a friend because I help them and i’m nice to them.I am a hard worker because I work hard.Those are the things that identify me.

Always Say Never

Things I never want to smell is vinegar, wet dog, stink bomb.Vinegar has a very strong smell and it gives you a headache. Wet dog smell stinks, the smell stays around for a long time.I never want to smell a stink bomb because if someone breaks the bottle and hides it and you can't find it the smell will last a long time.Those are the things I never want to smell.

Things I never want to eat is pie,cucumber,and sushi.Every time I eat pie I always throw up.I never want to eat a cucumber because the smell of it smells awful and it taste terrible.I never want to eat sushi again because it taste and looks terrible.Those are the things i never want to eat again.

Work outs I never want to do starfish, wall sits, and front squats.Star fish hurts your arm and its hard to do it for more than 10 seconds.Wall sits hurt when your doing them for 3 miniutes strate. Front squats hurt your rist when you add a lot of weights on it.Those are the work outs i never want to do.

Unfinished Sentences

I usually worry about when people in my family are sick.I worried when my grandma had breast cancer.I feel angry when someone picks on me.I feel angry when people make fun of the things I do.Im nobody when I don't try.Im nobody when I fail.Im moody when I wake up in the mornings.Im happiest when I get what I want.Im happiest when I get to do what i want.I feel frustrated when people don't listen to me.I feel frustrated when people make me mad.I feel depressed when my parents argue.And if a pet of ours died.I am comterble when I get to do what I want.I feel nervous when I have to present in front of the class.I feel nervous when I get called out in front of the class.

Are you hungry?

My favorite food is pizza.It’s little caesars.People who work there cook it.Little caesars has a lot of other dishes.I like that the pizza is hot and ready when you order.We usually get it when there's nothing to eat at the house.We get a party party for 20 bucks.It comes with two large cheese pizza with two bags of bread stixs and a liter soda.

Room Sweet Room

My room, in my room I got Chiefs stuff Jamaal Charles signed jersey,and Chiefs posters. The Chiefs poster resembles my favorite NFL team. The Jamaal Charles signed jersey resembles my favorite NFL player and my favorite player on the team. I also have COD (call of duty) posters. That resembles my favorite game to play.Those are the things in my room that resembles the things I like.

Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse

If I was tardy one day in my english class my fantastic excuse would be that i just got to school. If my teacher asked me “why I was late”. I would say “I just got to school”.And my teacher would ask “where is your hall pass”. I would tell my teacher “I gave my doctors note to them and i was in there for a long time waiting for the hall pass and the printer wasn't working so they let me go without a hall pass”.And hopefully my teacher would by without getting a tardy.That is my fantastic excuse.

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If a complete stranger looked at my portfolio he would know what I like and don’t like, and he would know who I am. The stranger would get to know that a kind person filled out these pages.If the stranger read my pages he would get to know that my favorite athletes are Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose, and Jamaal Charles. He would get to know that I could be one of the greatest people in the world.All of that is what a random stranger would know about me if he/she read my portfolio from beginning to end.