Siegrist Staff Newsletter

April 29, 2016 is the email

Not sure what says that it went out on the 29th. So there is a lot of outdated information, but some is worthy of a look :)

So sorry,


Trash in closets

Anything left in closets on Friday evening May 6, 2016 will be taken to the trash. Please make sure you check it before you leave on Friday. Thank you.

Retirement Party

Don't forget to stop by to celebrate our OUTSTANDING VIPs at their retirement reception!

May 10

4:30-6:30pm (open house style)

Platte City Middle School


ARE DUE MAY 10th!!!!!! Make sure your data is up to date!


iPad turn in

Part of the check out will require all staff members to turn in iPads. They are collecting those ahead of the end of the year. They need to be collected by May 13. Please turn into the office with ALL CORDS, CHARGERS and BOXES.

Here are the directions to handing in your iPad.


Turn Off Find My iPhone/iPad

In order for the iPads to be updated without issues Find my iPhone/ipad needs to be turned off. Here are the steps to disable it.

  1. Go to settings

  2. Select iCloud on the left column

  3. If you are NOT signed into iCloud you are done

  4. If you ARE signed into iCloud select Find My iPhone/iPad and turn it off

    1. It will ask for your iCloud/iTunes password and instead of a “OK” button it has “Turn Off” instead

  5. Once you have done that I would STRONGLY suggest you backup your iPhone/iPad before turning it into the Office or Technology.

    1. The option to Backup is under the same settings as Find My iPhone/iPad just a few options above it.

  6. The reason I ask for you to make a backup up of your device is because there is a possibility of the device being wiped clean when a update is applied and I don’t want any data to be lost when that happens.

    1. You can also plug it into your computer and make a backup through iTunes if it’s installed.. (This summer I would suggest not doing that with the number of people moving rooms/buildings)

Curriculum Collection- UPDATE!

Compass teachers who have responded to the email sent on Thursday morning have received their books. The books are stamped with Dr. Archer's name on the inside left cover. This indicates that it was inventoried and checked out to the teacher. Future Siegrist teachers who requested books will receive their books when we have labels finished and the books checked out to you. They will be delivered to your room. Any books you might run across while you are packing and emptying student desks need to be turned in to the office. Only books which have a stamp or a library label will be allowed in the future.

Check out lists coming soon!

Tracy will be working with admin this coming week to get alterations in the check out lists finalized. So stay tuned.....

Important Dates Coming Up...

May 9, 2016

Kindergarten Zoo trip

May 10, 2016

2nd grade field trip

District retirement celebration 4:30 pm (**** see above)

May 11, 2016

K to Shatto Dairy Farm

2nd grade field trip

11:00-1:00 Future Siegrist students tour (**** see above)

May 12, 2016

2nd grade field trip

May 13, 2016

Field Day- Fun Day- NO COLOR DAY- see schedule


5/6 Melanie Duddy

Dawn Long

5/8 Amy Cardwell

5/9 Theresa Miller

5/12 Jim Stoway

5/21 Becca Anderson

Summer Birthdays

5/23 Peggy Reil

5/28 Chelsey Ruffcorn

6/5 Jean Roth

6/7 Matthew Wick

6/9 Amy Snodgrass

7/1 Katherine Fuller

7/15 Laura Blundell

8/5 Disa Rice

8/7 Tracy Itao


Don't hesitate to ask.....

We are here for you!

Jen and Kim