Secondary English Teacher

Autumn Lindemulder's Individual Career Plan

What is a Secondary English Teacher?

A secondary English teacher is a type of teacher that teaches middle & high school level students about literature and writing. They help them improve their lessons from elementary school to better help them be prepared for high school.

What to Know About a Secondary English Teacher


- You would need a bachelors degree in college.

- A certain number of hours of student teaching.

-Get certified or get a license for teaching


- Varies depending on what level of education you're teaching.

- The average salary of a teacher is $55,000 a year.

- A secondary teacher earns about $54,000 a year.

What do they do?

- They plan lessons for through out the year.

- Gives back feed back to students.

-Talk to parents about how their student is doing in class.

- Selects different types of learning equipment to make the class room a better place.

About me

I am a freshman at Joliet West High School. I am a part of the Future Educators Club and I have played soccer for seven years. I went to Washington Jr. High and Academy for middle school and Eisenhower Academy for elementary. I would like to attend either the University of St. Francis or Illinois State University.
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This is an infograph on different types of myths relating to the teaching field.