First Grade News

What's Up in First Grade?

First Grade Happenings

Hello! It has been a crazy last week or so between me(Mrs. Holguin) being at camp and other happenings, but long story short I had a great time but am very very happy to be back in the land of first grade! As the weather heats up we would like for you to send a non-disposable water bottle to school that can be left either on the students desk or cubby. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments or concerns so that we can help as the school year is winding down. We are all a team working together to help all of our students be successful and it is has been such a blessing to watch them grow up.

There will be a Parent Service Club meeting at 8:00 on Wednesday.

School Mass is on Thursday. It will be an extra special Mass for two reasons- first we are doing a Mary May crowning. Please have each student bring ONE flower to school on Thursday to be placed in the bucket. It can be sort of flower-daisy, carnation, rose, ect. If you would like to go in with other families for a bouquet that is okay as long as each student ends up with one flower. We will have two students representing the first graders in bringing down the flowers and we encourage all families to come! It will also be a really special day because three of our own students are getting baptized at Mass! Please come if you can!


Our biggest fundraiser of the year the Celebracion Gala is at 6 pm this Saturday, May 7th. Please pray for a successful event! If you are not able to attend, but are able to donate please access the link on our web page ( and click on the "Donate Now" button and select "Tuition Assistance' from the drop-down menu under "Campaign" ALL donations to tuition assistance will be doubled by some special donors. No donation is too small! 10$ turns to 20$ and ect. ect. Please reach into your heart and see if you can donate any amount you can to help us give assistance to make sure that everyone who is committed to our message an attend our school.

There will be an assembly for Teacher's Appreciation Day on Thursday May 5th from 1:45-2:45. Thank you to all the parents who have contributed to make us feel so lucky to be at Holy Rosary. We are so blessed to have the most caring and supportive students and family in the world!

Friday May 6th is pay to dress. Please bring your 2$ on that day!

There is an Open House on May 4th from 9:00-11:00. Please invite any interested families to come and take a look and check out our amazing school!

Curriculum Corner

Math- We have moved on to weight, comparing and contrasting greater and larger numbers and graphing results. We are finding that lots of students need to review counting by 5's, and 10's fluently We are also working with skip counting from numbers less than ten and more than ten.

Reading- We are studying reading comprehension skills with both fiction and non-fiction texts. We are studying compound words, endings like ing and plural. We are working on extending student's reading fluency and ability to read for longer periods of time in both spanish and english.

Religion- We have been doing prayer stations and going over the different kinds of prayer- song, silent prayer, written prayer, rosary, prayer intentions. ect. We are also going to be listening, reading and visualizing psalms and other Bible passages.

Writing- We are making great progress on sounding out our own words. Having students structure sentences on their own in their own wording is also great practice. The students are going over in both classes to self check their work for capitols, punctuation, and spaces and you can encourage them to do this in their own writing at home.

Social Skills- We have been doing weekly social skills lessons to go over the difference between bullying and disagreements as well as how to be a good friend. This week we will be talking about how to avoid solve problems with students that we have differences with and express anger by using our words.