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If you were interested in the first book in the maze runner from the trilogy then the second one should be just as good. The second book i think is better then the first for example ill tell you a little bit to see if you like it here we go. The book starts in the middle of the night Thomas wakes up and calls out to Teresa telepathically after a while he falls back asleep. Then Teresa calls out to Thomas telepathically but cant get Thomas's attention. He wakes up and sees everybody panicking about Cranks infected people with the deseise Flare. Then Thomas and the other Gladers go and investigate.
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Some more information that you should now When they enter the Scorch Teresa gets infected and she tells Thomas to get him and the gladers out of there. The most exciting part I think is when Teresa and Aris seem like traders and trick Thomas into to a gas machine and then tie him to a tree and then the Gladers save him. I think the lesson in this book is don't take anything for Granted. So if You think this book sounds interesting Buy It now for $29.99 On sale get it now before the sale is over.