by: Garrett Hawkins and Johnny Shields

10 Qualities

Honesty, respect, good with kids, caring, understanding, patient, compromising, communication, humor, good habits.
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Top 3

Honesty, Respect, Communication

2 reasons for marriage and how they relate

unity between the two people and procreating kids

They relate to the top 3 because you need all of them to have unity and you need unity to have a successful marriage to have children.

marriage preparation

Marriage preparation is to gain insights in themselves as individuals and as a couple. This process helps you to know more about yourself and compares it to the other person. It also helps to see how each person's abilities works in their relationship. It is very important to know how your marriage will go before getting married.

before and during marriage

Before marriage it would be good to do marriage preparation by attending a retreat and meet with a sponsor couple. During marriage it would be good to plan a date night every once in a while, physical love, go over family rules separate from date nights, and do little things that shows the other that you love them when you're not there with them.

2 terms

Marriage consent- promise made by the bride and groom to honor one another.

Pre-cana- marriage preparation