Flaa's Monday Memo

September 25, 2017

Great Things I Noticed Last Week!

  • Mr. Knight always greeting his students at the door! Want their minds? Capture their hearts!

  • PE students learning about a new opportunity - Partners PE. I cannot wait to see this in action.

  • HOCO was a HUGE success! The pride and tradition could be felt throughout the building all week.

  • Shout out to Ms. Edwards and Ms. Owens for all of their hard work with HOCO. We are so appreciative of your commitment to our students!

  • Physics classes' mini lab on falling objects! Way Cool...



Nuts & Bolts

  • POSTED GRADES - Due Sunday, September 24st at 11:59pm.

  • Professional Development Monday - Teachers MUST bring a copy of CFA, TEKScore Item Analysis, and TEKScore SE Performance.

  • TARDIES - Do not make a habit of keeping students after class and if it is a must be sure to call the student's teacher to inform them. Please do not send students with notes to other teachers for excusing tardies.

  • SpEd and 504 Accommodations - Know your students and follow accommodations as stated in students' paperwork. It is the law! Classroom teachers are responsible for determining/implementing accommodations or making modifications.

  • Make-Up Work - Students should never be sent out of the room to make-up missed work. This practice puts students further behind b/c they are missing important instructions for the days they are here.

  • Early Release - All early release lists need to be sent to Mrs. Flaa by Sunday. It is important that all teachers know by Monday who will be missing their classes.

  • Social Contracts - Get social contracts hung ASAP. We will be checking this week.

  • Lead4Ward Strategies - We will be looking to see one of the three strategies Mr. Brown sent you in one or more of your lessons this week. Find strategies below.

  • T-TESS Goal Setting and Part I MUST be completed by September 29th. You must submit one educational goal and one technology goal. Remember, these goals must be S.M.A.R.T. Use the SHS Goal Setting Tool to help write your goals : https://www.smore.com/bkja8

Upcoming Events

September 25
  • Professional Development - Professional Dress

September 26

  • CFA - English/Social Studies
  • Volleyball vs Decatur @ SHS, 5pm

September 27

  • CFA - Math/Science
  • Taco Bar Luncheon for faculty

September 28

  • Faculty Meeting @ 7:45 - Please be prompt
  • 9th & JV Football vs Midlothian Heritage @ Midlothian Heritage, 5pm

September 29

  • T-TESS Goals/Part 1 Due - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Pep Rally / Special Guests - Chisholm Trail Elementary
  • Volleyball vs Bridgeport @ Bridgeport, 5pm
  • V Football vs Midlothian Heritage @ SHS, 7:30pm

September 30

  • XC @ Round Rock

Lead4Ward Strategies Challenge!

Within the Lead4Ward App follow the links for each strategy.

  • Texas Two Step: Resources Content Builders/Instructional Strategies/Movement and Discourse

  • Just the Facts: Resources Content Builders/Instructional Strategies/Rehearsal and Practice

  • Each One Teach One: Resources Content Builders/Instructional Strategies/learning from mistakes

Capturing Kids Hearts


  • GREETING - How are you greeting your students?

  • GOOD THINGS - Are you promoting a positive, caring atmosphere?

  • DISCIPLINE - When redirecting undesirable behaviors stay in the "questioning" mode. Use the 4 questions during private conversations.

  • LAUNCH - Are you ending class on a positive note? Challenge yourself to launch 2-3 times per week! Make it a habit...It can be powerful!
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