Week 5

Intro to Narrative Essays | Imagery & Poetry | Prepositions

Busy Week!

This week we'll be covering a lot of material as we complete Essay #2 Responding to Writing and head into our lessons on the narrative essay. In a nutshell, narrative essays tell a story, and it's usually a personal story about a challenge, obstacle, or triumph. This week's lesson will give an overview of what elements are included in a narrative essay and how you should organize your story. Pay close attention to the elements of "micro and macro"—they'll be a big part of your storytelling.

The other two aspects of this week's lesson will be imagery in poetry and a review on prepositions. I've provided a little background on imagery and poetry. You will be taking a close look at the poem "Facing it" by Yusef Komunyaksa about his "reflections" as this war hero visits the Veterans' War Memorial. I'd like to you read the link to the poem first, and think about the imagery you read. Then, take a look at the video of Komunyakaa reading his work. Did this presentation change or improve your visualization. Lastly, I have a video that uses images and interprets the poem. How did that effect your interpretation. Use the discussion board to share the progression of your imagining of the poem.

Don't forget to view the presentations on prepositions and use the practice PP to get ready for the preposition activity for homework.



Since there was a lot, I put each section into folders to organize the material. Please go through all three folders.

  • Narratives
  • Prose and Poetry
  • Prepositions

  • "Facing It" Discussion Board (Due Sunday at Midnight)
  • Purdue OWL Preposition Activity (Due Sunday at Midnight)
  • Peer Review Essay#2 (Post a rough draft, and respond to two classmates, same as last essay)
  • Submit Essay #2 (Due Sunday at Midnight)