Grade Three Update

Thursday, 3rd September 2015

Welcome to the 2015 - 2016 school year!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to grade three! The entire teaching team is excited to be back in action for another year. This newsletter is the first of many we'll send out throughout the year - every second Thursday the Grade Three Update will be sent out to parents, and will be full of information about and pictures of the learning taking place in our classrooms.

This week we have introductions of the members of our team and some information about upcoming parent events. Look for the next newsletter in a fortnight to read the first update about what's been going on in the classroom!


The Grade Three Team

Parent Representatives

Congratulations to the newly-minted parent representatives for each class! Below are the contact details for each representative, who are all currently compiling a list of contact information so to put together a mailing list. If you weren't at the Parent Information Evening this week, please pass on your details to your parent rep to stay in touch.

Class treasures will be responsible for the collection and management of the Klassenkasse (classroom fund). Please keep an eye out for an email from your class treasurer, for information regarding the how this process will be managed!

3a: Chris Sanders -

Andre Dallmann -

3b: Tolga Tekin -

Anne-Marie Wasserfall -

3c: Daniela van Eickels -

Valeska Foltin -

3d: Merav Tal -

Jan Kotek -

3a: Lauren Finno

Welcome to 3A!

I have enjoyed meeting you this week!

I am from Chicago and hold a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. This is my second year of teaching at Berlin Metropolitan School and I could not be happier.

My teaching experience includes working in Chicago as a preschool and kindergarten teacher for 2 years. I have also taught kindergarten and grades 1 - 7 in South Korea before coming to Berlin.

I love to travel and meet people from and learn about different cultures. I also enjoy running,playing volleyball, reading and trying new foods.

3b: Riley Knight


I'm from Melbourne, Australia, where I studied History and Politics before moving onto the rather more employable discipline of Education. In May last year, I moved to Berlin to irresponsibly squander my youth - and instead, ended up becoming a Responsible Adult with a Real Job. Things worked out pretty well, all things considered.

This is my second year at BMS. I love working here, and I'm looking forward to sharing a classroom with the children in 3b, as we read, write, sing, learn, and have a great time all year. I'm always available if you need to have a chat about anything, so please get in touch with any questions or concerns!

3c: David Pitts

Welcome to grade 3c! I has been a pleasure to meet you this week!

I am from Melbourne, Australia and hold a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Education (Primary). This is my fourth year of teaching at the Berlin Metropolitan School. I originally taught grade 5 and have worked with grade 3 for the past two years. I am the team leader for grade 3.

My teaching experience includes working in London at a government school and then at an international school. I have also taught in Melbourne at a government school and in Japan at an international school.

I love traveling and meeting people from different cultures. I also enjoy skiing, tennis, music, reading and film.

I look forward to being your child's teacher this year!

3d: Katarina Petrikova

Welcome to 3D!

I grew up in the city of Nitra, Slovakia, and after finishing my master‘s degree in primary education, I began working as a teacher. I also have been pursuing a PhD degree in language acquisition at primary levels and have completed 4 years.

I have been fortunate to be able to combine my love of teaching and passion for traveling. Throughout my career, I have worked and taught in France, Costa Rica, Spain, Belgium, Scotland, USA, and before coming to the BMS two years ago I was teaching in Germany in the state of Bavaria for four years.

I hope that we can work together to provide your children with the best possible experience in the classroom. I believe that open and honest communication between students, parents, and their teacher is one of the keys to success in the classroom.

German, 3a: Gabi Pointner

My name is Gabriele Pointner, I am Austrian and teach at BMS since last year. I am responsible for some of the grade 3 and 4 classes this year and look very much forward to working with your children.

As I have taught in Cairo before I am used to working with children from all cultural backgrounds with a different level of German.

We will be working on Speaking and Listening Skills, Reading and Writing and of course some Grammar as well. Regular trips to the local library and unit-related field trips will complete our German program.

Wishing you all a happy and successful school year!

German, 3b & 3d: Sarah Gerth

as the German teacher of 3b and 3d I would like to welcome you to a new school year at BMS! Even though I have only joined the German teaching team this year I am not entirely new to BMS. I did my internship at this school last year so I am familiar with the school and know many of the children in my classroom already.

Originally, I am from Berlin but having lived in Augusta, Georgia and Perth, Australia I appreciate the atmosphere of an international school.

After finishing my MA at Potsdam University with a degree in Primary School Education this summer, I am finally back at BMS. I am very much looking forward to a wonderful

school year!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to send me an email!

German, 3c: Ivana Vranjkovic

I am glad to introduce myself to the BMS community as the German teacher for class 3c.

I began my teaching career in Croatia where I was a German teacher for 6 years in a primary school. After that I moved to Austria where I also taught German in a range of educational institutions and multicultural environments. Most recently I was teaching at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna.

I am very happy to be working with children again and hope that together will have a happy, successful and inspirational year.

EAL: Ruby Eadon

Hi, my name is Ruby Eadon and I am very pleased to be the EAL teacher for grade 3. I am new to Berlin and to BMS, having taught previously in London, UK and in Xi'an, China. I am originally from London and hold a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing, a PGCE in Primary Education and a MA in Human Rights (specializing in the right to education in developing countries).

I'm interested in travel and music, and I absolutely love a good board game or jigsaw puzzle. I’m really looking forward to my year ahead at BMS. Feel free to come and say hi.

Learning Support: Laura Harrington


I am from the US, but have lived in Berlin for the past 7 years. I live here with my husband and two young daughters. I am actually returning to BMS this year after 5 years of maternity leave. Previously at BMS I was a 4th grade teacher, but this year I will be working with the 3rd grade as a Learning Support teacher. This is exciting for me, as I worked as a Learning Support/Special Education teacher for 5 years in the States before moving to Berlin. Learning support this year will take place in the classroom as well as in small groups as needed. I am thrilled to be back at BMS and look forward to getting to know the 3rd grade students and their families!

Music: Allison Eichvalds

I am thrilled to be at BMS for 2015-2016 as the music teacher for grade 3. We have developed a very exciting curriculum which is going to inspire and engage the children’s relationship with the musical world. I look forward watching your children’s musical skills develop over the year!

Art: Natalie Fellhauer

My name is Natalie Fellhauer - for seven years I am teaching at Berlin Metropolitan School. I will teach Art in this class. In this school year we will draw, paint, create, make sculptures, use iPads to create digital art and will reflect and respond on art of many artists from different times and countries.

Movement: Katie Regan

I am Katie Regan and this will be my sixth year teaching Movement at BMS. I know most of the children in the Grade level really well and I have taught some of them since they were in Pre School.

I teach the children from Pre School to Grade 5 so I am able to build strong relationships them and watch them develop throughout their Primary School years.

I am originally from Manchester, England. I have a BA (Hons) degree in Dance, and I am a fully qualified Performing Arts teacher with a PGCE Teaching Qualification from Liverpool Hope University.

In Movement we look at developing gross motor skills, coordination, balance and flexibility. We also work on communication skills by completing tasks in small groups and often share work in class through performance, which helps develop confidence.

Swimming: Rama Hübner

Hello! My name is Rama Hübner and I’m one of the Physical Education Teacher at BMS. I’m from Spain and I have French and German background. I studied Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the University of Zaragoza (Spain). This semester in Grade 3 I will teach Swimming together with Nicole Schumann and Diana Grägert who are the two other Swimming Instructors.

Please remind that swimming lessons will start next Monday 7th September. Students have to bring the following equipment: swimming costume, towel, flip-flops and 5 cent coins to use the hair dryers.

BMS Grade Three Team

Class Teachers

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German Team

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