What's it like out west?

By Natalie Lopez

It was very tough once you got to your destanation.

  • Most log cabins didn’t have a floor if the cabin does then it’s a split log smooth size up. It was really hard to sweep the floor if the floor was dirt.
  • Many people came to the Midwest because the government had land that if you pay $10 you can make a living on it. After five years (Paying $10 each year.) the land is yours.
  • Many Homesteaders were very poor. Some kids didn’t even have shoes. Everyone worked even small children. They were scarecrows, and they fed the chickens.

It was very common for people or animals to die from insistences instead of old age.

  • Medicine was scarce and pricey. Some didn't even work and others were deadly.Most people had home made medicine. Like mushed unions mixed with sugar.
  • It was hard to keep the cattle in droughts for there was no food to give them over the winter.
  • It was very common for children to die. They died from all different things.

Some things that the pioneers had we still have, and other things we have lost.

  • Woman decorated there house. They also stayed in the loop for fashion.
  • Many families had a trundle bed. A trundle bed was a bed that went under the parents bed for the kids.
  • When you settle in your new home you need a bathroom. They used bathrooms called outhouses. These outhouses were white washed and usually had magazines or other things to read.