By Marcos Rojas

Rewrite Driving Question in your own words?

The Driving question: What are the connections between the issues surrounding the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement and Church reform?

What are the key points of the question?

*Civil War.

*Civil Rights Movement.

*Church Reform.

*How are they connected?

Interesting Research found on the Civil War?

*It began in 1861.

*Between the Northern and Southern U.S.


States rights vs. Federal authority, Westward expansion and Slavery.

*It Lasted 4 years.

*Costliest war ever fought on American soil.

*2.4 million soldiers killed

Interesting Research found on Civil Rights?

*Kennedy's famous Civil Rights Address 1963.

*"If a negro can't enjoy the full and free life which all of us want, then who among us would be content to have the color of their skin changed and stand in his place?"

*Kennedy said blacks should not have to wait for equality.

*A gifted student King attended segregated public schools at the age of 15.

*They chose Martin Luther King Jr. as the protest's leader and official spokesman.

Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement

Interesting Research found on Vatican II?

As a result of Vatican II Priests started celebrating mass in their language of the countries in which they lived.

*1963, Pope John XXIII, messages about Justice and peace, we all have a dream for our church, these two should meet each other; they have a lot in common.

What are some connections you see?

They all went through changes.

Peoples freedom to be equal to one another.

How are these things different?

Different times. The Civil War was in 1861. The Civil Rights Movement was in 1963 and Vatican II was in 1963. their is Different people. The Civil War-Black people. The Civil Rights Movement and Vatican II- Blacks and other races.