My future career!!!!!

What is a Mechanic?????

A mechanic job can be anywhere from simple to hard. They could do simple things such as a oil change. They also coould do hard jobs such as changing a transmission.

Working conditions

To work in this field you have to be able to get your job done.

Mechanics usually work in a car garage.


Mechanics make about 48,860 dollars a year. Mechanics make $16 to $25 dollars an hour.

Education requirement

You have to have your GED to become a mechanic.

You also have to go to trade school.

Why the job fits me

The job fits me because I like working with my hands.

I really love cars

It's a job that uses tools

Pros and cons

PROS: make a lot of money, can fix your own car,

CONS: dangerous,car could fall, work in cold weather

Job description

Mechanics have dangerous jobs. A car could fall an kill them. The good part about being a mechanic is they have great working hours. Some of them even have holidays off