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May 2015

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Can you believe we are coming to the end of the 2014-2015 school year? We hope you have enjoyed the new "Curriculum Connections" newsletter. This will be our last issue until we start back up in September. We hope everyone has an awesome summer!!

See our contact information below for questions and resources you might need over the summer!

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Personalized Learning

The phrase “personalized learning” gets tossed around a lot in education circles. Sometimes it’s used in the context of educational technology tools that offer lessons keyed to the academic level of individual students. Other times it’s referring to the personal touch of a teacher getting to know a student, learning about their interests and tailoring lessons to meet both their needs and their passion areas. As with most education jargon, the phrase isn't fixed, but it usually connects to the idea that not all students need the same thing at the same time. It implies choice, multiple pathways to learning, many ways to demonstrate competency and resists the notion that all students learn the same way. Read More,

PARCC Reports

PARCC has released mock Parent Score Reports for the assessments. Go to and click on The PARCC Assessment. On the left, you’ll see the Parent Score Reports link. There’s a mock report for English language arts and one for mathematics. By clicking on the link for each, you’ll see how the report will be presented. Read More.

May Website - edcite


Start an assignment with a video clip and then add text, additional videos and questions. Develop assignments and practice assessments through Edcite!

Edcite enables teachers to create high-quality, easily customizable, interactive content to fit their class. The mission is to improve teacher efficacy and student learning through an engaging digital experience.

Edcite addresses a critical issue for students who are unfamiliar with online standardized assessments that are required as most states begin to move towards the Common Core standards. This lack of familiarity limits students' ability to adequately demonstrate their learning and can affect their progress through the K12 system. At Edcite, students can use a Library of teacher-created assignments to get unlimited practice on relevant assignments; and can get immediate feedback on performance.

Check out this demo video

May Website - Graphite

Looking for just the right type of technology for your lessons? Here’s an amazing resource for educators! Now you can filter your technology needs by: 1) Type: apps, console and PC games or websites; 2) Subject: ELA, math, science, social studies, or arts; 3) Grade level: PreK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12; 4) Price: free, free to try, paid.

Read More about this exciting website

May Website - youcubed

This free resource from Stanford University provides teachers with research-based instructional strategies for mathematics. Based on the growth mindset, YouCubed includes collections of Rich Tasks in mathematics for all students, innovative ideas, and "how to" videos for teachers. Check out the free online course "How to Learn Math," which has student, parent, and teacher versions available. Registered users can also access the five-day "Week of Inspirational Math!" in May- a program designed by Stanford professor Jo Boaler, which includes open tasks, guides, and inspirational videos about mathematics instruction and the growth mindset.

50 Great Apps for Teachers

For a change of pace, here’s a list of “awesome” apps for teachers from Scholastic Instructor magazine offering activities for a wide range of subjects. These were chosen through crowdsourcing on Scholastic’sFacebook page for teachers as well as with help from the magazine’s teacher advisers and education bloggers. They were published in a recent edition of the magazine, and I am republishing them with permission.

Formative Assessment Modules

Check out the many Formative Assessment modules online at the!

There are several grade levels represented as students and teachers embed formative assessments throughout lessons and units. In grades 3-4, teachers use formative assessment in understanding fractions. High school level takes on using formative assessment in understanding congruence. The Teaching Channel also has many blog articles as well. You can also check out for many more resources for using formative assessments in the classroom. At this site you can check out videos of East Muskingum teachers using FIP in their lessons!

End of the Year Activities

Its the end of the school year. Students start to get restless. Testing is over and they are feeling drained. As teachers, its hard to keep your students engaged. This website has some great End of Year Activities for all age groups.

These are two that stood out to me.

  1. Language Arts: Parody of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" for grades 7-12.
  2. Music & LA: Sing Around the Campfire for grades K-5.


Check out this new free response system that your students can use via the Internet! You can create quizzes, start discussions or take surveys. There are even public quizzes you can use in your classroom. It will display the top 5 scores for those competitive students! This would be great for team reviews too.

MVESC Summer Professional Development Opportunities

Early Childhood Make and Take Conference: August 10-14, 2015

Taking the Lead Series Starts August 11, 2015

Effective Practices for Blended Learning Series Starts in August 2015

Resident Educator Refresher Mentor Training: August 19, 2015


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