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  • Up to date announcements
  • Calendar of events
  • Athletic schedules
  • Faculty post their weekly lesson plans for parents to view
  • Contact all faculty via email
  • Parental involvement that includes tips and links to help your student
  • Link to Parent Command Center (see how to log on below)

Parent Command Center: Keep up daily with your student's progress

By clicking on the link to Parent Command Center via Beekman Charter's website, you can log in to access your student's current assignments and grades in their class.

  1. Use the internet browser to access our website: Click on Parent’s Communication Center.
  2. Click on the link Register a New User.
  3. For the Relationship Information, choose one category: Mother, Father, or Guardian. Parents can create a separate Mother login and Father login if this process is repeated. The Name Information must be entered exactly as it is on your child’s Student Information Form. If creating a Mother Account, use mother’s first and last name (same for father or guardian). The PSN (Parent Security Number) is the last five digits of you child’s social security number. Complete the rest of the form and click on the SUBMIT button. NOTE: If the information does not match what is in the JPAMS program at the individual school, this message will appear. Please make sure the information was typed in correctly and try again. If not, contact the school secretary to verify the information.
  4. If the information matches successfully, the next screen will set up the login and password to access student information. The Login and Password should be from 6 to 20 characters (numbers, letters or combination of both). The Login and Password is not case sensitive—doesn’t matter if upper or lowercase letters are used. Two secret questions must be chosen and answered. Click on the arrow to the right of the box for each question to select a secret question and then answer it in the box below. Click the Submit button when finished.
  5. The next screen will show that the account was created successfully. Click on the Logout button which will return you to the main menu. Enter your login in the Username box and Password. Click Sign-In.
  6. After signing-in, your child/children will be listed for reviewing. Click on any name. The screen on next page will appear with the tabs across the top for access to your child’s information. The current screen is the Home tab showing the child’s name, ID#, school code and year.

      What can parent command center help you with?

      • Attendance: This will show the attendance records from the most recent down to the year 1999-2000 if the child has been in our system since then. A legend for the codes appears at the very end of the page.
        • Discipline: A history of all discipline referrals from the most recent to the year 1999-2000.
          • Grades: Grades for each grading period will be shown only for the current school year. The current status of the child is dependent on the input of grades by the teachers.
            • Progress: The detailed assignment grades feature is still a work in progress. This screen displays all the graded assignment for each course much like the mid-six weeks Progress Reports. Right now it is not separated by each grading period.
              • Transcript: For high school students only. This screen displays the transcript grades for all years in high school (each course and grade obtain per semester and final) by groups.
                • Curriculum: For high school students only. This is very similar to the Transcript tab except the courses and grades will be displayed by year. A future implementation would be to allow parents to actually schedule courses for the coming year.

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