Philosophers And Explorers

By Luke Trytko

Why they had the greatest impact

I think that the philosophers and explores had the greatest impact on life today because without these men we may have not lived in this beautiful country called Canada. Also that without there insightful literature people couldn't realize how life was back then and how great literature is made.


He had a great passion for Greek and Latin literature. He is known for an encyclopedia of classical mythology of the gods called Genealogy. He was an Italian writer who had a great influence on the Renaissance literature. His poems and stories written in his native tongue rather than Latin.


He influenced later writers to pick up the pace with their scholarly writing.He is know for the Divine comedy poem being an influence on society. His impact on the Renaissance was that many scholars considered that the divine comedy was a thought on mideavel life.


His was told by the king to find a route to India which made trade to and from Asia a lot easier. He sailed through a route of africa making it quicker to sail to north and south america, he also made a route to asia from europe.