WINTER PARK BAND Weekly Newsletter

November 3, 2019



Tuesday, Oct. 29th, 2:30-5pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL

Costumes encouraged, as long as you are still able to rehearse in it.


Wednesday, Oct. 30th, 7pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL

Wind Symphony rehearsal with middle school students - arrive 5:45 PM, downbeat 6:00 PM.

All other SOTW students - call time 6:30 PM.


From Mr. Clemente

Dear Winter Park Band families,

I am so very proud of the students of the "Sound of the Wildcats" for their performance this past Saturday at the Florida Bandmasters Association District 8 Marching Band MPA. Their behavior was beyond reproach, as it has been since the beginning of the school year, and everyone associated with Winter Park High School should be elated with how they have and continue to represent the school in our community. Mr. Smith and I are so appreciative of their dedication to each other and their willingness to come to rehearsals every day ready to learn and grow as an ensemble. They most definitely earned their Superior rating from the adjudicators!

A huge congratulations is in order for our five Winter Park Band students who were selected to perform as members of this year's FBA All-State ensembles at the FMEA conference in January. Please join me in congratulating the following students:

All-State 9/10 Concert Band

Shay Stulman - flute

Charlie Storch - tuba

Jessie Zhang - clarinet

Maggie Zhang - tuba

All-State 11/12 Symphonic Band

William Carpenter - tuba


After a big week for our current students in the Winter Park Band, we turn our attention to a big two weeks for the future of the Winter Park Band. On Wednesday, we welcome students from Audubon Park K-8, Glenridge Middle School, and Maitland Middle School for our Fall Festival of Bands. This concert will feature performances buy all three middle school bands, the Winter Park Wind Symphony, Winter Park Color Guard, and the "Sound of the Wildcats" Marching Band. Next Wednesday, we will again be joined by students from our middle school feeder pattern for our annual Night of Jazz, featuring performances by the middle school jazz bands and all three high school jazz ensembles. I sincerely hope that all of our Band families will be in attendance for these upcoming performances. Let's begin to welcome our incoming 9th grade families, the class of 2024, into the Winter Park Band!

Let's have a great week!



Week of November 3, 2019

Thank you to the lunch helpers, chaperones and OPS crew for all of the help and enthusiasm at MPA. It was a great day-congratulations to our band!

Our next chaperone opportunities are for the Christmas Parades in December. To volunteer, you can access Charms by going to and logging in with winterparkhsband in the parent section.

Hoodie/polo orders should be ready within a couple of weeks (some orders were inaccurate and needed to be corrected)-please contact Jay McPherson with any questions at

Thank you again for supporting our band program and the students! Have a great week everyone.



PARENTS - THANK YOU for assisting with washing our uniforms. The students felt great looking sharp on Saturday!

Thank you to:

The Maulfair Family
The Fodor Family
The Ribaric Family
The Robinson-Hill Family
The Schmitt Family
The Storch Family
The Gonzalez Family
The Garrison Family
The Robinson Family
The Hughes Family



November 13: Night of Jazz (All Jazz Ensembles performing)

November 18: All-County Band & Jazz Auditions, Apopka HS

November 25 - 29: Thanksgiving Break



Upcoming Payments Due:

11/6 Color Guard Fair Share 4 - Due Wednesday

10/2 Fair Share Payment #3 - $50 (All Students) PAST DUE

10/2 School Instrument Semester 1 Maintenance (Some Students) PAST DUE

Viewing your Student's Financial Account in Charms:

There is a direct link to Charms in "Quick Links" on the band website.

  • Our school code is winterparkhsband
  • The Student Area Password would be a unique password that either the student or parent have set up. (If you don't know the password it can be reset by one of the band directors).
  • Once you have logged into the Student Area, click on the round, red $ symbol on the top menu bar to view your student's account
  • If your student has earned Band Account Credit (in the Miscellaneous Ledger) this credit can be transferred to pay for many band fees: Fair Share, School Instrument Maintenance, Registration Fees for All-State, All-County and Solo Ensemble.

Requesting a Credit Transfer to pay for Fixed Payments Due:

  • Click on the "Transfer Request" tab just below the round, red $ symbol. Select the fixed payment you would like to pay for using the credit. The request is sent to the band directors and the band booster treasurer.
  • SENIORS: Please check your credit balance and use it accordingly during the year. Credit for Seniors left at the end of the year can only be transferred to siblings.