Early Childhood Educaton

Preparing America's future for a better Education

What do Elementary School Teachers do?

  • Elementary School teachers prepare younger students for future schooling by teaching them the basics like math and reading.
  • Elementary teachers work in private and public schools
  • Elementary School teachers work school hours.

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Teaching Environment

  • Kindergarten and Elementary School teachers generally work in public and private Elementary Schools.
  • Teachers work school hours when children are present.
  • Teachers use nights and weekends to prepare their lessons for their students and grade their papers
  • Most of the kindergarten and Elementary School teachers don't work during the summer.

What must you do to become a teacher?

  • You at least need a bachelor's degree.
  • Also, you need a state issued license or certification for teaching.


  • In May of 2010, the median of annual pay for kindergarten teachers was $48,800.
  • The annual pay for Elementary School teachers was $51,660.

Job Outlook

  • Kindergarten and Elementary School teacher's employment s expected to grow up to 17% from 2010-2020.
  • Employment rate is growing about as fast as average for all occupations,
  • Growth is expected to due decline of in student-teacher ratios and increases in enrollment.
  • Employment growth varies by region.
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