Canada Poised To Boycott Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's Commonwealth Meet Over Human Rights

Who is leading the boycott?

The Harper Government is setting the stage for a boycott of november's commonwealth leaders' summit in Sri Lanka, delivering withering criticisms after the 54 nation organization took no action country's human right record. The commonwealth's ministerial action group closed a meeting in London with no official mention of Sri Lanka. Despite this, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's representatives emerged saying that Sri Lanka will chair the commonwealth summit "appalling" and an accommodation of "evil". This refers to the treatment of the country's Tamil minority as "soft ethnic cleansing." This means that Sri Lanka is not letting certain people and cultures live there. Sri Lanka is an island country in the northern Indian ocean.

Why We Are Doing This, And Why You Should Too

Our Boycott

We are boycotting Sri Lanka for their cruelty towards other humans. Sri Lanka is being cruel towards other humans beings by not allowing them to live in their country simply because of their beliefs and cultures. This means that any product that was imported from Sri Lanka is now being denied. I'm John Baird, a Canadian politician who works in the cabinet of prime minister Stephen Harper, and I need you to take action in this boycott against Sri Lanka so they will be pressured to treat others with different views equally. Sri Lanka would be pressured to do this because any revenue they made shipping products to Canada would be lost. Even more pressure would be applied since any other countries who are willing to participate in exporting their goods, would try to take Sri Lanka's place. Sri Lanka would have no choice but to fix their issue so they would not lose any income from the shipping of the product. This not only benefits any outcasts in their country. This benefits you as well. This is because you can still use any products that are imported from Sri Lanka. You could help us by spreading the news, taking part in discussions, and arguing against Sri Lanka.