End of the Year Performance

Good Things to Know

End of the Year Performance

Thursday, May 8th, 6:30pm

Peachtree Academy Covington

Second Grade is Performing.....

We are going to showcase several different aspects of our Peachtree talent.

We will be reciting the Aeneid with First Grade in latin with an English translation, singing several songs about the composers we have learned about in music class, reciting a portion of Psalms 23, and singing a variety of songs we have learned in chapel.

You will find below all the links to the songs with words, songs with movements, recitations, and anything else I can find to help the kids practice at home. Students have been practicing during their exploratory classes their respective pieces. We have also taken class time to practice as well.

Music Class Composer Songs:

Bach's Tune #1

Bach's Tune #2

Beethoven's Tune #1

Beethoven's Tune #2

Handel's Tune #1

Handel's Tune #2

Handel's Tune #3

Mozart's Tune #1

Mozart's Tune #2

Lyrics to all the songs

Latin Class-

The Aeneid-your child's part is portioned off starting on the second page


Prince of Peace with Lyrics

Prince of Peace with Movements (the boy and girl movements are the same)

You are the Messiah with Lyrics and Movements

All the People Said Amen with Lyrics

All the People Said Amen with Movements

Psalms 23 with our part portioned off