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Looking Forward to a Fabulous Year

It has been a pleasure welcoming back my veteran Discovery students and meeting lots of new faces too. We began our year with an exploration of bubbles! Our Discovery scientists performed studies on four solutions to determine which made the strongest, largest, longest lasting bubbles. We will analyze our data across the district and determine why there might be discrepancies in our findings. We now know that bubble physics is important in understanding climatology on distant planets and here on Earth. Bubbles help animals leap out of water and protect our oceans. Their film patterns are important for determining why the sun's flares assume certain patterns. We learned quite a bit from the videos linked below--and from our own hands-on experiments.

I also recommend the Spangler Effect series of science videos. They are entertaining and engaging.
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Fifth Grade Name Projects

We believe in celebrating traits that bring success in academic pursuits. Students are given a student profile assessment rubric with the behaviors we want to develop and strengthen in the program. Fifth graders are thinking about these traits as they create names and projects to reflect some of their strengths. The Coolidge School fifth graders have already presented their projects. I couldn't be prouder of their creativity and persistence in completing this assignment. The other school name projects will be featured in the next newsletter.

Discovery Student Goals

The Discovery Program seeks to enhance the following behaviors in its students:

Work Ethic

Always goes the extra mile to create work that is above and beyond class and project requirements

Time Management

Work is always well-planned and paced


Student work is interest driven and capably produced without extra scaffolding by the teacher


Works persistently until goals are reached to the student’s high standards

Quality of Work: Content

Work content consistently exceeds requirements in depth and complexity

Quality of Work: Creativity

Work is innovative and exceeds expectations in its originality, fluency of ideas, flexibility of categories of ideas, humor and/or elaboration.


Student consistently exceeds expectations, daring to test new skills, using new technologies and exploring various thinking processes and modes of presentation


Takes a leadership role in group activity, being sure to involve all team members’ contributions

Research Skills: Accuracy of Information

Student uses a variety of reputable sources to get up-to-date, accurate data

Research Skills: Diverse Points of View

Student strives to understand and present a variety of diverse viewpoints to present a fair, balanced product


Student uses imagination and independence to solve complex problems; is able to see a problem from a variety of angles to reach sound solutions

Food For Thought

June Sklar Weissman

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