Immigrate to Minnesota

Lot's of land to build on, lots of wealth and opportunity!

Why should you move to Minnesota?

Minnesota became an official territory in 1849.

That means that there is lots of open land, and chances for wealth and opportunity!

Minnesota has lots of opportunities for food.

Minnesota has many lakes, forested areas, and rich soil for farming. The lakes have the renewable resource of fish, we have natural plants from forests, and rich soil for easy farming. We won't run out of food, A career as a angler or farmer will be a great way to make a fortune in Minnesota.

Minnesota has lots of trees and forests.

The amazing forests have lots of trees. This will make it easier to build a house and furniture once you've moved. Plus, the extra wood will make good firewood for the Minnesota winters.

Minnesota has cold temperatures, especially in the winter months.

The cold creates a habitat that bacteria cannot live in. You can't get sick!

Minnesota lakes and rivers make for easy transport.

All the lakes and rivers will be easy to navigate and get around so you can use the waterways as a form of transportation.

Getting to Minnesota is easy!

There are many ways to get to Minnesota, and it's easy to do. Steamboats run from April to November, when the lakes don' have ice on them. It's very safe. If you need to travel in Winter, you can take a six day trip from Galena, Illinois. You could also take the oxcart.
The best way to travel is by steamboat. It's safer, and doesn't take as long as the others. So go look for your nearest steamboat!

Don't just take it from us! Listen to this real Minnesota Immigrant!

Since immigrating here, life is better.More land, more food, fresh air. Come to Minnesota, and be healthy like me.

-Jospehena Smore

Minnehaha Falls!

Minnehaha Falls is a gorgeous waterfall in Minneapolis. Water flows down Minnehaha Creek before reaching the waterfall and falling down 53 feet. Minnehaha Falls has a crest of 10. It's the waterfall of Longfellow's Song of the Hiawatha! Minnehaha Falls is important because it's a prime example of Minnesota's nature!

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The Inspirational Harriet Bishop

In July 1847, Harriet Bishop stepped off a boat to be St. Paul's first schoolteacher. Her assignment was to teach the uneducated kids of St. Paul. Her school was an abandoned blacksmith's shop.Even with a dirty school made of mud, she taught the children to the best of her ability. Harriet was an energetic, businesslike, intelligent, and confident woman. Coming to Minnesota changed her life, and it will change yours too.