Digital portfolio presentation



  • Warm up Twitter chat
  • Digital portfolio presentation practice
  • Check out what is due by Dec 9th at beginning of class
  • Exit tweet

Warm up #educ204toi

  • Respond to 2 peer tweets
  • You can count this as one of your Twitter chats!

Video prompts

  • What parts of Danielson framework do observe in these videos?
  • How can you take what you learned from these videos into your future classroom?
  • How can you relate to the concepts displayed in the videos?
  • Tweet your thoughts/ideas/inspirations/ things learned from these 2 videos
Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

Digital portfolio practice presentations

Total time per rotation: 5 minutes

Digital portfolio presentation practice

In pairs, to practice for your digital portfolio presentation please:

  • Introduce yourself (name, major, year)
  • Demonstrate each of the 3 tools that will show during your presentation
  • Closing statement - ask for questions/comments

1 minute feedback loop - discussion questions

  • What impressed you the presentation
  • What could be improved upon? (Constructive criticism)

8 am layout

Big image

9 am Layout

Big image

Digital portfolio presentation tips

  • Dress professionally
  • If presenting aurasma bring your mobile device to demo it
  • Know where the tools are in your portfolio - may want to have them up in different tabs on your browser
  • Breathe, relax, have a conversation with the person
  • Introduce yourself
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Dec 7th - Animoto video voting

If you would like your video to be in the running for voting on Dec. 7th please put your name and link to your Animoto video the document below.

Exit tweet - pick 1 prompt to respond to with #educ204toi

  1. Which project do you feel challenged you the most? Why?
  2. How can you use a tech tool that you from this class in another course or in your future classroom?
  3. What 2 tools could you combine to create a dynamic experience for your future students?
  4. How will you continue to update your portfolio throughout your time here at GCC?