Dichotonomous Key

By: Clayton Hackler


1 a. Ball has white in it———Go to 2

b. Ball doesn't have white———Go to 7

2 a. Ball has green in it———Tennises ballus

b. Ball doesn't have green———Go to 3

3 a. Ball has only white———Pingis pongus

b. Ball is multicolored———Go to 4

4 a. Ball has a feather———Birdieus featherus

b. Ball has laces/lines———Go to 5

5 a. Ball has black hexagons———Socceris ballis

b. Ball has laces———Go to 6

6 a. Ball has white laces———Footballis lacesus

b. Ball has red laces———Baseballis lacesis

7 a. Ball has holes———Bowlingis alleyis

b. Ball doesn't have holes———Go to 8

8 a. Ball has lines———Basketballus courtus

b. Ball doesn't have lines———Go to 9

9 a. Ball is spherical———Medicinus workoutus

b. Ball is cylindrical———Hockeyus puckus


1: Footballis lacesus

2: Basketballus courtus

3: Tennises ballus

4: Bowlingis alleyis

5: Baseballis lacesis

6: Hockeyus puckus

7: Medicinus workoutus

8: Birdieus featherus

9: Socceris ballis

10: Pingus pongus