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Back to School Newsflash!

Meeting Times :)

Starting on September 15th, I'll be meeting with you in my classroom for the first half of Social Studies class on Tuesdays. Mrs. Bennington and I spoke about it and she is very excited about having you as a Quest cluster.

If there is a week when Tuesday doesn't work for one of us, we'll just choose another day.

But please, please, come say hi to me before then!

Please watch this before your first session!

The Worlds Largest Lesson

Other News...

Don't forget to fill out your planning form for me!

Furthermore, remind me to tell you about my upcoming TEACH Fellowship to the MidEast.

If you're curious, this is the website:

And this is the one of the six essays I wrote for the application:

Also, remember to sign up for Enrichment activities, if you want!