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October Update

Important dates:

Woods Creek School Calendar

11/3- No School

11/4- Early Release Day

11/6- School Spirit Day


In ELA, we have been working on author's purpose and nonfiction text features. Students have been deciding if the author's purpose is to inform, persuade, or entertain us in the books we read. Some text features we have been working on are: captions, headings, photographs, and bold words. You can check out your child's work on text features on Seesaw! We also have been building up background knowledge and stamina to be able to write our own informational writing piece during Writer's Workshop.


In math, we have been working on place value. We also began discussing 2-digit addition! I encourage your child to use the method that works best for him/her! Your child should have brought home a 2-digit addition "cheat sheet" and poster to help with his/her homework over the next several weeks. Be on the lookout for a 2-digit subtraction "cheat sheet" to come home soon, as well!

Here is a video to help with 2-digit addition.

2-digit addition

Looking for a challenge? Check out this Math Antics video!

Multi-digit Addition (to the 1000's place)

Science and Social Studies

Our scientists have been studying the many ways our earth changes! They are learning how to think like a scientist. They are making observations on how water and wind can change the land quickly and slowly. The are using resources to find evidence of fast and slow changes on the Earth's surface. Our science unit this year ties in perfectly with our social studies curriculum, which is How Our Earth Changes!
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