by Gaby & marlen

Taiwan island

it a small island and Taiwan was mainly inhabited by Taiwanese aborigines but then that when the Dutch and the Spanish settlement it was during the Age of discovery in the 17th century,when Han Chinese that when they began to immigrating to the island.

taiwan flag

Taiwan has been controlled by various governments and has been associated with various flags throughout its history. Since 1945, the Republic of china controls the island; thus the flag most commonly associated with it is the Flag of the Republic of china. Since Taiwan makes up almost 100% of the ROC's territory, the country is usually referred to as Taiwan

Taiwan population

Taiwan population is 23.48 million

major cities

these are cities that are most important that people go and see a lot and they travel to.

religious holiday

it when they celebrate the dragon boat festival and ride them

traditional clothes

what they were a materials of clothes linen skin, ans cotton thread they knit rhombus patters,the front of their clothes

popular food

beef noodle-Use boneless beef shank for authentic texture. Otherwise, settle for well-marbled beef chuck stew meat, which will be just as flavorful and become very tender after stewing.

Braised pork rice-it make make people happy to eat this dish they enjoy this dish in the resterants.

Dumplings- the dumplings weight 5 grams the dumplings are populer they are good the say it was there for 3 years and perfeshinals come and makes it and when a actor try it he said it was grate

Three Important Events in History that happened here

it when the us and the taiwan got to geather to expand the United Nation to give the people the republic o china and that the reason that the reason why people went on strike to end the maritial law in taiwan they sat on the floor and police took them to jail and they srike on the streets.