Career Cafe

Introducing Our Students to Professions in the Community

Your Child and the Career Cafe

What is the Career Cafe?
A time with students meet with a professional in their field of interest as determined by an interest inventory taken at the beginning of the year. Your child has expressed interest in the field of education either with being a principal, teacher or librarian.

Who is involved?
We have arranged with Mrs. Bowles, Mrs. Fischer and Mrs. Jones (1st grade teachers) and Mrs. Kegley to have these students to shadow them for a few hours one day to see what a day in their profession looks like. Additionally, they will be eating lunch and discussing with them the benefits and downfalls of their profession. We believe this experience will give them valuable insight into those professions.

When will this take place?
One day, for a few hours, sometime over the next several weeks.

Questions or concerns?
Contact Meredith Palmer or Stephanie Stambaugh at or